Earn a Great Income selling and renting property worldwide, from our ready made database of properties, backed by a company with over 15 years experience, and fantastic support teams in 3 countries.

Earn a Great Income selling and renting property worldwide, from our ready made database of properties, backed by a company with over 15 years experience, and fantastic support teams in 3 countries.

Earn income Selling and Renting Property Worldwide

Business online

Welcome to a unique business opportunity where with the support of our database of worldwide properties and experienced back-up team, you can develop your own business, selling and renting property worldwide.

No prior experience in the property industry is necessary, and you can work from home or your office, on a full or part time basis. As one of our Partners you have the option of being fully 'Hands On' with your client base, or we manage your enquiries, it's up to you.

You may enter this business as a completely new venture or as an add on to your existing business or job. As an independent property agent with low overheads, you can be certain of providing an efficient service and build up a lucrative business.

The Ready Made Property business is a tried and tested formula in an expanding and profitable market.

Your Opportunity

There has never been a better time to get involved in worldwide property , with more people now buying and renting overseas property than anytime in the last 5 years. More and more people are taking advantage of easily afforable travel and holidays, and of course the worldwide portfolio of quality "value for money" properties.

As a Ready Made Property Partner, handling both property sales and rentals, you are linking prospective clients with their dream homes.

We make worldwide properties available to you and your clients through your own Ready Made Property Portal, also with the option for your own travel site for your clients to book their travel.

As a Ready Made Property Partner, you will have the professional support and backup to give your clients a personal, and professional service.

Business onlineYour Business

As a Ready Made Property Partner you do not need to be a registered estate agent, as an Online Property Agent it is your responsibility to market your business to generate leads, which are then followed up by the property agent and if they progress to a sale you are paid 50% commission of the commission received.

This is a unique and low-cost opportunity to enter the international real estate market using state of the art website technology – it’s a real time website – as soon as a property is added, or removed, or a price is changed our central database is updated and immediately reflected on your Ready Made Partner Property Site.

As a Ready Made Property Partner we provide you with your own Property Website with your own domain, with thousands of worldwide properties ready loaded ready to sell, 50% of commission on sales and rentals, access to your enquiries, access to live marketing webinar training, marketing training videos, support teams 7 days a week.

As an RMP Partner we provide you with:

  • Your Own Property Website

    We provide you with your own Property Portal website linked to our property database and enquiry systems. You can also upload your own properties and make them available across our complete sales network.

  • Income Potential | Sales

    Average Property Sale @ R5m Average Commission = R250,000 50% Commission to you = R125,000 With 1 Average Sale Per Month = R1,5m+ per year

  • Income Potential | Rentals

    Average Rental for 3 weeks @ R90,000 Average Commission = R9,000 50% Commission to you = R4,500 With 3 Average Sales Per Week = R700,000+ per year

  • Professional Back-Up Team

    Experienced and professional back-up team in 3 countries, providing fantastic support, guidance and knowledge 7 days a week , with 94% of enquiries answered within 1 hour in office hours.

  • Live Training & Videos

    Access our Live Marketing Training & Videos to assist you in learning to market your business across Social Media, PPC, Email, Google and more to drive customers to your business.

  • Get Started in 24 Hours

    We setup and launch your Ready Made Property Partner Site with your chosen name with full access to all of our support and services, ready to start , within 24 Hours !

  • Property Portal | Option 1

    Start your Online Property business in 24 hours with the Ready Made Property Portal , 7 days a week support and Access to our Live Marketing Training & Videos, for R13000.

  • Property Portal & Travel | Option 2

    All the benefits of option 1 and your own Live Flights & Travel bookings & travel store included giving you clients access to easy travel for their trips, for R14000.

  • Ready Made Property Partner | Platinum Option 3

    All the benefits of option 1 and 2 , and the additional income stream of selling our property , travel and Ready Made Partner options all for R15000.

With Great benefits

  • Home Based

    The RMP Partner business is the ideal home based and ‘transportable’ business. With nothing more needed than your laptop, phone and a wi-fi signal to run your business from anywhere in the world it brings you true independent living.

  • Low Startup

    An an RMP Partner we want to help you grow, when you grow we grow which is why we have a low joining fee and great 35% revenue split ensuring you stay motivated and are able to focus your resources on building your own business.

  • In demand

    Demand for our Ready Made products and Business & Marketing support services have grown at a fantastic rate and is proving there is a great and growing market for our style of ‘Next Step Up’ products for ambitious clients.

  • Multiple Streams

    Growing a business means being resourceful and creating income which is why we give you multiple Income streams.

  • Sellable Business

    Creating a business that has a value, that you can transfer to a family member or sell for a fair price when you want is very important which is why your business is sellable and transferable with no penalty fees attached, guaranteed.

  • Earnings

    Earnings depend on your own commitment and resources, we are here to help you maximise both by providing you the best support and training services.

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